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URIAH HEEP To Release ‘Choices’ Box Set Next Month

Legendary progressive rock band URIAH HEEP will release a new box set, «Choices», on September 24. A six-CD boxset, «Choices» features a personal selection of URIAH HEEP songs from across the band’s 50-year and 24-album career.

Created with the full collaboration of the HEEP themselves and curated by guitarist and founder member Mick Box, the six discs include personal selections from MickBernie ShawPhil LanzonPaul Newton and the recently deceased and much-missed Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake.

The collection is of 77 tracks is completed with six art cards which carry personal notations from each band member and their reproduced signature.

Said Box: «Who would have guessed it, 50 years of HEEP and counting! Our music has continued to stand the test of time, and the fans are the reason we are still here doing it. There is no better feeling than knowing our music has endured, and that our live shows continue to rock people in 62 countries worldwide.»

«Choices» track listing:

CD1 — Ken Hensley

01. Paradise
02. The Spell
03. Weep In Silence
04. Rain
05. Circle Of Hands
06. July Morning
07. The Park
08. Echoes In The Dark
09. Misty Eyes
10. Fallen Angel
11. The Easy Road
12. Falling In Love
13. Sunrise
14. Sweet Freedom

CD2 — Lee Kerslake

01. July Morning
02. The Magician’s Birthday
03. Traveller In Time
04. Sweet Lorraine
05. Circus
06. Rainbow Demon
07. Come Back To Me
08. Shady Lady
09. All My Life
10. The Other Side Of Midnight
11. Who Needs Me
12. That’s The Way That It Is
13. Free Me
14. Stealin’

CD3 – Mick Box

01. The Park
02. Tears In My Eyes
03. Sweet Lorraine
04. Circus
05. Free N’ Easy
06. Woman Of The Night
07. Hot Persuasion
08. The Other Side Of Midnight
09. Straight Through The Heart
10. Cross That Line
11. Love In Silence
12. What Kind Of God
13. Trail Of Diamonds
14. The Outsider
15. Falling Under Your Spell

CD4 – Paul Newton

01. Lady In Black
02. Tales
03. Easy Livin’
04. Tears In My Eyes
05. If I Had The Time
06. Real Turned On
07. Come Away Melinda
08. What Should Be Done
09. Why (Alternate Version)
10. Sympathy
11. Free N’ Easy
12. I’m Alive
13. One Minute
14. Grazed By Heaven

CD5 — Phil Lanzon

01. A Year Or A Day
02. The Magician’s Birthday
03. Wonderworld
04. Circus
05. Bad Bad Man
06. Question
07. Between Two Worlds
08. Voice On My TV
09. Universal Wheels
10. Waters Flowin’

CD6 — Bernie Shaw

01. July Morning
02. What Kind Of God
03. Mistress Of All Time
04. Wise Man
05. One Minute
06. Corridors Of Madness
07. Tales
08. Take Away My Soul
09. Heaven’s Pain
10. Heartless Land

URIAH HEEP‘s latest album, «Living The Dream». was released in September 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. The LP was helmed by famed Canadian producer Jay Ruston, who has previously worked with ANTHRAXSTONE SOUR and STEEL PANTHER, among others.

Box is the original guitarist and sole remaining founding member of URIAH HEEP. He, vocalist Bernie Shaw and keyboardist/vocalist Phil Lanzon have formed the nucleus of the band for more than 34 years and released 17 albums together.

URIAH HEEP debuted in 1970 with the release of one of hard rock’s milestones, «Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble», and has since sold in excess of 40 million albums worldwide. They constantly tour the world, playing up to 125 shows a year to more than 500,000 fans. The band’s live set features the classic tracks from the ’70s and is a musical journey from the band’s beginnings to the present day.


Mick Box — Lead Guitar/Vocals
Phil Lanzon — Keyboards/Vocals
Bernie Shaw — Lead Vocals
Dave Rimmer — Bass Guitar/Vocals
Russell Gilbrook — Drums, Percussion

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