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Watch THE AGONIST’s First Live Performance In Nearly Two Years

Team Montreal Metal has uploaded video of THE AGONIST‘s December 17 concert at Théâtre Corona in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The event, which also included headliners CRYPTOPSY along with THE GREAT SABATININECROTIC MUTATION and BURNING THE OPPRESSOR, marked THE AGONIST‘s first live performance in nearly two years.

THE AGONIST released a new EP, «Days Before The World Wept», in October via Napalm Records. The effort was produced by Christian Donaldson, who has previously worked with BEYOND CREATIONCRYPTOPSY and DESPISED ICON.

In an interview with Heavy Music HQ, singer Vicky Psarakis stated about the making of the EP: «I can’t say the process was any different than usual. The only thing that was difficult was crossing the border and having to quarantine to record my vocals. I’m the only person in the band that resides in the USA and there were serious travel restrictions at the time.»

Vicky went on to say that «Days Before The World Wept» is a conceptual tale inspired by real-life experiences. «It talks about a character’s journey through afterlife and the many stages until they’re brought back to this earth,» she said. «It’s a fictional story, filled with my own personal emotions and beliefs, and the lyrics are written in a way that are very relatable, even if you have no idea what the general concept is.»


Vicky Psarakis — Vocals / Piano
Danny Marino — Guitar
Pascal Jobin — Guitar
Chris Kells — Bass
Simon McKay — Drums