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music » Hard Rock

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Month's music

Art Of Dying - Armageddon (2019)Art Of Dying - Armageddon (2019) Alt Rock  Grunge  Hard Rock
Axel Rudi Pell - Greatest Hits (Compilation, 2CD) (2019)Axel Rudi Pell - Greatest Hits (Compilation, 2CD) (2019) Hard Rock  Heavy Metal  Power Metal

New music

Metalian - Vortex (Lossless, 2019)Metalian - Vortex (Lossless, 2019) Heavy Metal  Speed Metal
Skanska Mord (Skånska Mord) - Blues From The Tombs (2019)Skanska Mord (Skånska Mord) - Blues From The Tombs (2019) Stoner Rock  Psychedelic Rock  Hard Rock


Most complete discography I have ever seen!! Kudos!!  torrent Judas Priest (+Solo) - Collection (1974-2019)
Спасибо,прекрасно  torrent W.E.T. (Jeff Scott Soto) - Discography (2009-2018)
Спасибо,впечатляет  torrent Blue Oyster Cult - Suite Redux Power Up (2019)
Спасибо,просто кайф!  torrent Hollywood Vampires - Rise (2019)
Спасибо,просто отлично!  torrent Hollywood Vampires - Rise (2019)
Спасибо,просто супер!  torrent Deep Purple - Live In Newcastle 2001 (2019)
Спасибо,понравилось  torrent Jean Michel Jarre - The Best Of (Lossless, 2015)
Gracia  torrent Mdou Moctar - Ilana (The Creator) (2019)
Badgee te bajas todo, hijodeputa  torrent Starburner - Subterranean Radio Communication (2019)
большое спасибо за релиз!!!  torrent VA - Synthpop Multimix (2019)
muchas gracias :-D  torrent Avantasia - The Raven Child (feat. Hansi Kürsch & Jorn Lande) (Single) (2018)
Thank you!!!!  torrent America - 50th Anniversary: The Collection (3CD) (Lossless, 2019)
Thanks !!!   torrent Johann Sebastian Bach - Organ Music (lossless, 2002)

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