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VA - Diametric (Mixed by DJ Dimas a/k/a D-Formation) (Lossless, 2004)

Progressive House  Percussion
17 october 2015

RATING: 10 / 1
Comments: 1
Views: 2650

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VA - Diametric (Mixed by DJ Dimas a/k/a D-Formation) (Lossless, 2004)Artist: VAAlbum / Title: Diametric (Mixed by DJ Dimas a/k/a D-Formation)Release year / Date: 2004Country: SpainStyle: Progressive House, Tribal HouseLabel: BeatFreak RecordingsDuration: 02:32:16File Format: FLACQuality: Lossless

Chico Hamilton - Dancing To A Different Drummer (Lossless, 1994)

Percussion  Contemporary / Modern  Jazz
5 february 2015

RATING: 7 / 1
Comments: 2
Views: 2822

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Chico Hamilton - Dancing To A Different Drummer (Lossless, 1994)Artist: Chico HamiltonAlbum / Title: Dancing To A Different DrummerRelease year / Date: 1994Country: ItalyStyle: Percussion Music, Contemporary JazzLabel: Soul NoteDuration: 00:40:05File Format: FLACQuality: Lossless

Gregg Bendian - Definite Pitch (Lossless, 1994)

Jazz  Percussion
22 march 2014

RATING: 8 / 3
Comments: 2
Views: 3045

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Gregg Bendian - Definite Pitch (Lossless, 1994)Artist: Gregg BendianAlbum / Title: Definite PitchRelease year / Date: 1994Country: USAStyle: Avant-Garde Jazz, Percussion MusicLabel: Aggregate MusicDuration: 01:02:05File Format: FLACQuality: Lossless

Safri Duo - Turn Up the Volume (1990)

19 december 2012

RATING: 9 / 4
Comments: 5
Views: 6024

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Safri Duo - Turn Up the Volume (1990)Artist: Safri DuoAlbum / Title: Turn Up the VolumeRelease year / Date: 1990Country: ДанияStyle: Neoclassical, PercussionLabel: Klavins MusicDuration: 01:00:15File Format: FLACQuality: Lossless
Самый первый релиз Safri Duo - классические произведения в пекруссионной обработке.

Lionel Loueke - Virgin Forest (2006)

Percussion  Jazz  World
19 december 2012

RATING: 9.6 / 5
Comments: 3
Views: 4790

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Lionel Loueke - Virgin Forest (2006)Artist: Lionel LouekeAlbum / Title: Virgin ForestRelease year / Date: 2006Country: GermanyStyle: World Fusion, African JazzLabel: ObliqSoundDuration: 00:59:38File Format: FLACQuality: Lossless

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